How MSK Changes Your Treatment

Too often, patients admit they wait months or even years before seeking assessment and treatment of pained muscles, tendons and ligaments. Their reasons for doing so typically revolve around uncertainty of assessment procedures and fear of high-cost tools to treat or identify ailments.

At Nobility Healthcare, we’re continuously working to put those fears to rest.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound as a premier, first tier diagnostic tool can absolutely alter the way you feel about getting the diagnosis and treatment your body needs.

An answer to MRIs
Commonly the first step in assessing injuries, an MRI has become one of the most dreaded medical procedures on the planet. The fear of being in an enclosed machine, possibly for hours, is cited as the reason for many people ignoring doctors’ orders. In fact, a 2014 study came to the conclusion that up to 13 percent of patients across the country reported having a panic attack during the procedure, many terminating their MRI prematurely because of their fear.1 Just as important, the likelihood of high out-of-pocket costs also plays a part in people choosing to live with the pain rather than seek help.

Enter MSK. Putting the innovation of modern medicine to work for patients, MSK can assess the health of tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones and soft tissue masses—all while keeping patients fully in control of their surroundings in an open room and at a fraction of the cost of an MRI. It’s efficient, safe and accurate.

“It’s amazing to see a patient transform from fearful to relieved and hopeful,” says Dr. Joel Sellers, lead physician at Arizona’s first AIUM Certified Diagnostic Center for MSK. “The genuine transparency of the procedure aligns with the common goal to make health care more accessible to patients. During an MSK Ultrasound, a patient can watch the entire process on screen and see still and dynamic pictures in real-time.”

Also making the case for MSK, the immediate delivery of imaging allows patients and doctors to develop a game plan for next steps that day. Whether the diagnosis calls for further musculoskeletal imaging, surgery or physical therapy treatment, patients no longer have to painfully wait days or weeks to review results with their doctor.

“Having access to something this revolutionary complements everything we do at my clinic,” adds Dr. Sellers. “It wastes no time, and benefits patients from day one.”

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